Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Web Links

Research Websites:

Websites for All Subject Areas:

Reading Websites:

  • Starfall ABC
    • Use this website to practice letter and letter sound skills.  Click on a letter to listen to the sound and then play a game.
  • Starfall Reading
    • This website is great for practicing reading skills.  Read along with the stories and play reading games.
  • Tumble Book Library
    • This is an awesome website.  It has books your student can read online.  The user name is ricelake.  The password is books. Very neat!
  • Jan Brett
    • We read some Jan Brett books when learning about the different gingerbread characters and also when we made our gingerbread houses.  This website has a ton of fun resources and activities all about Jan Brett and her fantastic books.
  • Eric Carle
    • We did an author study on Eric Carle.  This is his official website.  Check out the photo gallary for a slideshow on how he makes his illustrations.
  • Words and Pictures
    • This is a new website I found.  It has some fun reading pracitce.  Play the games or explore the tabs on the left hand side to find new ways to practice reading.  It is a website based in England, so watch for the accents!
  • Seussville
    • March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  Play some of these games to celebrate this fun author!
  • Laura Numeroff
    • Laura Numeroff is the author of the Give a Mouse a Cookie books. This is a fun website that lets you meet and play with all the characters.
  • Owen and Mzee
    • We read the book Owen and Mzee.  Check out their website!

Math Websites

  • Prodigy
  • Moby Max
    • Leveled Online Math Practice (username and password required)
  • 100 Grid
    • Use what you know about the 100 grid to find the hidden animals.
  • Create a Graph
    • This website is a kid-friendly way to make printable graphs.
  • Stop the Clock!
    • Use this fast-paced game to practice telling time to the hour and half hour.
  • Math Brain
    • This online baord game provides different activities to practice a variety of math skills.  Make sure you select 1st grade!
  • Math Expressions: Games
    • This website is connected to our math curriculum.  Play 3 different math games.
  • First Grade Math Games
    • This website practices different first grade math skills ranging from number recognition to adding and subtracting.
  • Adding and Subtracting
    • This is another fun website to practice both addition and subtraction.
  • MN Math Standards Quiz
    • Use the website to see which MN math standards your first grader has mastered.
  • Fractions
    • Use this website to learn more about the concept of fractions.  It also has a activity and quiz feature for extra practice.
  • Xtra Math
    • Online math practice for basic facts.
    • .
  • Coin Combo
    • This kids love this website to practice counting coins.
  • Kakooma
    • Test your math power with this online activity.

Science Websites:

Social Studies Websites:

  • Social Studies Activities
    • This website accompanies our social studies curriculum.  Play games or activities that practice the skills and concepts we talked about in social studies.

Health Websites

  • Bus Safety
    • This website has a few fun games to reinforce bus safety skills.

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