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Wear Orange

In honor on “Anti-bully” and “Friendship” month wear orange tomorrow to school.

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Field Trip


Just a reminder to return your permission slips for our field trip.  I know that they are not due until next week, but if you are interested in chaperoning the trip, I would like the form back sooner than later. Thank you!

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A huge thank you to Deagan’s mom for coming into our classroom to teach use some yoga poses and breathing exercises. We learned that we can use these techniques to help us focus, become more energized, or feel more grounded. I will use some of these poses and breathing exercises to help the first graders do their best learning in first grade.

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Making Estimations

We have been making estimations, or good guesses, when measuring with non standard units. Yesterday we measured how long a jump rope was with different steps. We learned that depending on the size of a person’s foot he or she would take more or less steps.

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This Week

I have been a busy lady this week and was fully intending to post some pictures today…. but I forgot my iPad at school. Pictures and highlights coming soon!

In the meantime, I used this image with my own first grader tonight. 😊

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Measuring with Non-Standard Units

We used popsicle sticks to measure on Friday. We learned that good mathematicians make estimations. We practiced making educated estimations wine we estimated how many popsicle sticks long our special helper Alena was.

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4th Grade Buddies

We met our 4th grade buddies from Mrs. Rabehl’s class.

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In science we explored solids. We practiced naming the different properties to describe the solids.

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Word Collectors

We learned that good readers and writers read, use, and understand interesting words. The book “Max’s Words” helped us find interesting words. We will use our word collectors to write down interesting or useful words.

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