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Star of the Week

Keira did an awesome job sharing her poster.

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Field Trip to Stages Theatre

We had an awesome job watching Frederick on Thursday at Stages in Hopkins. The first graders were super respectful the whole trip. I was very proud of them! (And many of them apparently have a favorite pose).

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Making Connections with Frederick

To get ready for the play on Thursday and to practice making connections we read Frederick by Leo Leoni.

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Shapes in Math

We have learned so much about shapes and their attributes.

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We now have beetles in our classroom. Our mealworms have gone through the larva, pupa, and adult stages of their life cycle. So exciting!

We even saw one beetle emerge from its pupa stage in class! So cool!

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Star of the Week

Keira did a super job sharing her poster.

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I put our specials on the wrong day.  We have the following schedule:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: Music


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New Quiet Time Choices

I am trying something new this year during quiet time. Quiet time is after lunch. Students can read, write, finish work, or rest their brains during quiet time. I am now also introducing additional activities. This week students can also explore life cycle games, puzzles, and figurines.

Another choice is coding activities on the iPads.

Student can also explore, create, and play with play dough.

I also checked out a Storybook STEM kit from Mrs. Haynes and Mrs. Erickson. The students need to plan and make a bridge that is taller than the troll and strong enough for the goats to stand on.

So far, the students have enjoyed the new choices during Quiet Time.

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Penguin Experts

It has been fun learning about Rockhopper and King Penguins during math. We pulled the math out of poems and videos to learn about the penguins. We have been comparing their heights and weights. Learning about how far they dive into the oceans, converting feet into inches, and just having some fun.

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Making Inferences

We are learning how to make inferences during reading.

It was fun to look at photographs and use our background knowledge and clues from the photo to make an inference.

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