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Here is our newsletter for next week.  Also, pack your cold lunch for tomorrow and wear blue! 🙂

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Monday in Pictures

Caliyah is the star of the Week.

We had our first counselor lesson. It was all about friendship.

We read the fun book “Rhyming Dust Bunnies” to practice reviewing short vowel word families.

Wednesday is our field trip. We will also be taking an all school photo before we leave. Wear Rice Lake Blue if you have it.

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Morning Meeting

Everyday we start our day with a morning meeting. We greet each other, share, play a fun activity, and learn about what we are going to do for the day by reading our morning message.

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Math Highlights

We have been very busy mathematicians this week. We made an “Addition Strategies” chart to help us add when we work with our dominoes.

We have also been enjoying math workplaces. Some of chose to use the iPads during workplaces.

In Number Corner we have been using our number line to learn more about the comparing numbers. We learned how to use the greater than and less than signs. We also have been making equations for the number of days we have been in school.

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Non fiction text features

We made a PicCollage to show what we know about text features.

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Domino Math

We learned how to play “Domino Add and Compare” today. We have to be able to add and use the greater than and less than signs to compare the numbers.

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Book Order

I sent a book order home today. All orders must be placed online before Monday, October 16th.

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Dress for the Weather

Please make sure your first grader is dressed for outdoor recess tomorrow. It is going to be chilly and they will be out for 30 minutes. Thank you!

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Monday’s Highlights

Today was an awesome day!

We had the opportunity to make choices during Daily 5. Look at all these independent workers!

In science we learned about the properties of liquids. See if you first grader can tell you what viscous. Transparent, and translucent means.

Daemin is our star of the Week. He did a super job sharing his poster.

Also, check out this video from quiet time. The video seems loud, but it was actually very quiet and calm. 🙂

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Number Corner

A favorite part of our day is number corner. Number corner is a 15-20 minute part of our day that builds mathematical thinking and skills. There are 5 components of number corner: calendar grid, calendar collector, days of school, computational fluency, and number line.

I am going to highlight calendar grid and calendar collector in this post. During our calendar grid routines we look at our monthly calendar, make predictions, and create math stories and equations that connect. The patterns and math skills change every month. During October we are creating number trees, math stories, and equations that match the calendar grid.

The first graders love predicting what the day’s square is going to be and are getting better at creating stories to go with the pictures.

During calendar collector we collect different items. In September we collected nickels and pennies. This month we are collecting shapes.

The first graders spin a spinner and grab that many shapes out of our mystery bag.

We put the shapes in our collector and graph it on our graph.

Here is our total from this week.

I also challenged the first graders to figure out how many small triangles are in all of our shapes together for the week.

The calendar collector time is a great time to practice using math vocabulary correctly. Here are the words we are focusing on.

In another post I will highlight computational fluency, days of school, and number line. Have a good weekend!

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