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Mystery Reader

We had a mystery reader today. A big thank you goes to Eric’s mom. We enjoyed the interesting book about sharks!

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Webinar with SeeSaw

The first graders participated in a webinar on Wednesday with the project managers of SeeSaw. It was all about product design and they process the use when creating the features on this app we use. Even though they didn’t answer our questions, it was still very interesting.

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Personal Narratives

We are planning the beginning, middle, and end of our personal narratives.

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We are learning how to sequence the stories we read. We will use the signal words: first, next, then, & finally to help us sequence. We practiced this tricky skill with the book “Romina’s Rangoli.” It was a wonderful book about a girl with Indian and Mexican heritage.

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December Number Corner

I am loving our December Number Corner! The calendar grid focuses on 3D shapes. Right now we are just learning the shape names. Later in the month we will learn about the faces, vertices, and edges.

We are continuing to collect hour on our clocks for calendar collector. We have collected hours up to 6:00pm. Today we placed activities on our timeline that match to that time.

We have reached 61 days of school. We work on making equations to match the day and also record it on our number line.

The focus for the computational fluency section of number corner is doubles facts up to 20. Yesterday we matched the number trees to the twenty frame cards.

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Productive Day

Today was an awesome day. In math we practiced seeing groups of numbers quickly using the number rack. I would show the number rack briefly and the students had to write down how many totals beads they saw. They used groups of 5 and 10 to help them add. Some also used double facts to help them add quickly. We did this for totals up to 20. It is always great to hear the different ways the students “see” the numbers on the number rack.

Our math workplaces this week continue to build on our number sense. The students enjoy the different games and activities.

In reading we are working on determining important information and sequencing. We practiced by looking at the illustrations for making a pizza.

I took a video during Daily 5 today. Everyone was so focused and on task. Plus you can see our new room arrangement. Thanks to Mrs. Kleven we have a new standing work table with high stools.

Nuechi did an awesome job sharing her star of the Week poster.

We also started our unit on Holidays and Celebrations Around the World.

Also, check out the volunteer times for December:

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Visualizing with “What a Wonderful World”

To cap off our study of visualizing we each created an illustration to go with the lyrics of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” Check out our video.

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Mystery Reader

Emma’s mom was our Mystery Reader on Friday. Thank you for reading to us! It was so much fun!

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December Volunteer Times

December Volunteer Times are now posted.  Please use the link below to sign up for times.  Thank you for considering to help out in B28.  It does not go unnoticed and is MUCH appreciated! 🙂


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Mark You Calendars…

On Thursday, December 21st from 1:30-2:00 we will be inviting parents/families in for our Writer’s Workshop Fancy Copy Celebration and Gingerbread House Decoration.  Parents will be able to read the personal narratives we wrote during Writer’s Workshop.  Parents will also help with decorating gingerbread houses in celebration of our “Holidays and Celebrations Around the World” unit in social studies.

More information will be coming soon, but mark your calendars for Thursday, December 21st from 1:30-2:00. (The grades 1-3 winter party will be from 2:00-2:45)


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