Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Monday and Tuesday

on September 13, 2016

We have been so busy! We learned how to pick books for our book boxes. We learned to pick books that are just right for us, just like picking the right pair of shoes. We want to pick books that we like and books that are not too hard or too easy.

We have increased our read to self stamina. We even got to pick special spots to read during read to self.

We also learned how to work on writing during Daily 5. Students go to choose what type of writing paper to use. They could write a story, write a list, make a card, or label a picture.

Every Tuesday the first graders will bring home 4 sight word cards. They should be able to read and write these worlds. Feel free to practice at home.

On Monday in math we learned how to use our math writing journals. We will use our math writing journals to practice and extend our math skills.

We also continued to practice our independence during math with self time. We are improving. Independence is a big skill in first grade!

We had our first day of media with Mrs. Erickson today. We will have media every Tuesday.

During morning meeting we will share a project we did last week. It will help us get to know one another. The kids who share are our king and queen. Madeleine and Dexter shared today.


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