Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Super Second Day

on September 7, 2016

Today we started our day with a our day with a morning meeting. Before we start our meeting the students come in, complete morning work, make a lunch choice, and complete their chart work. Here is a picture of our chart work today.

We worked in our weather journal today.

We learned the first part of Daily 5 today. We learned how to independently read to self. We were able to read to self as a whole class, without redirection for 3 minutes! Way to go first graders!

We picked our first special helper today also. Not only does our special helper lead our line, but he or she also helps with any extra jobs in need help with throughout the day. Brandon was our first special helper. He even got to sit in the cozy yellow chairs with a friend during quiet time!

In math we learned the difference between math tools and math toys. We did a number writing assessment, and as a reward got to play with play dough.

We read the book “A Quiet Place” by Douglass Wood. 

I used the book to teach how to calm our selves down to redirect behavior.  I explained that sometimes we all need reminders to make good choices. When we take a deep breath and go to our quiet place, we can make good choices and help ourselves and others learn. We learned how to take a break in our classroom and how to visualize our quiet place in order to calm down.
Finally, I forgot to pass out the Wednesday envelopes. They will come home tomorrow. Sorry!


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