Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Tuesday and Wednesday

on February 10, 2016

Our readers from Tuesday and Wednesday were Avery and Jacelyn. Both girls did a fantastic job!

We have been learning about line in art switch. Mrs. Winslow taught us about the different types of lines.

We created surveys to collect data in math. We then used the surveys to create graphs in the computer lab using the “Create a Graph” web link.

In social studies we have been learning about the voting process. We had a pretend election between 3 book characters. 

After learning more about the candidates by reading the books, we then campaigned for the candidate we liked best. We made posters and some of us even gave a speech about why our candidate should be president.

It was finally time to vote! The students had to show a valid ID in order to vote.

The results were in! The first graders think that Duck would make the best president!

Tomorrow we have a buddy class activity. The first graders can bring money for the lollipop tree. Each lollipop is 50 cents. The most each student can spend is $3.00. Have a great night!


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