Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Super Second Day

on September 10, 2015

We learned about the importance of becoming a better reader today. We read the book “How Rocket Learned to Read.” We discussed that in order to become a better reader we have to practice. We all want to become better readers because it helps us learn and it is fun. After reading the book we talked about the 3 ways to read a book. We can read the pictures, read the words, or retell the story.

We also learned about the first part of Daily 5. We learned how to independently read to self. Today we were able to read to self without interruption for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Read more about the Daily 5 by  clicking here.

 We are setting up our routines and procedures for Writer’s Workshop. We learned that in order to be a good writer we sometimes need to use our friends to talk about our ideas. We learned how to share ideas with a partner by doing “Think, Pair, Share.” We think to ourselves, pair with a partner, and then share to the whole group. Today we talked about a fun summer memory.

Jacelyn was our special helper and line leader today. She even got to pick a friend to sit with her in the cozy yellow chairs during Quiet Time!

This afternoon the first graders showed me how well they could write their numbers all by themselves. After, as a reward we got to play with play dough!

Mr. French, Mr. Rice, and Mrs. Paton taught us about bathroom, hallway, and cafeteria expectations and behaviors. We learned about RLR. Rice Lake Roadrunners show Respect, Learning, and Responsibility.

Finally, we read the book “A Quiet Place.”

We learned that at times we all need a quiet place to calm down and refocus. In our room all students will be asked to take a break, go to their quiet place in the minds, refocus, and be ready for learning. I use the take a break for many reasons in our room. It is a place for anyone to go to calm down, refocus, and become ready to learn.  The students become more responsible for their behavior and learning, with a little help from me of course! 😉 

Please fill out and return the pink form that came home today about listening conferences. I look forward to meeting with you all soon!

Good night!


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