Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Monday’s Events

on March 24, 2015

Today we practiced more Bossy R words. This week we are learning about words that have re, ir, or ur. We practiced these words by playing a game on the smart board.

  In math we spent a lot of time practicing finding one-fourth of a set of objects. Here is the link to explain how we do it in class and how they will do it on the test on Thursday. It is for a few weeks ago, but I think it still helps. 

We also practiced telling time to the hour and half hour. I passed back some quizzes today that will show you what concepts your first grader needs to practice

In social studies we learned about different landforms. The first graders loved talking about different landforms they have seen. I told them that they could bring in pictures from different landforms (mountains, valleys, beaches, coasts, etc) if they want to.

  Caterina also shared her star of the week poster and did a great job!



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