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Rice Lake Elementary

Making Predictions and Inferences, Symmetry Fun, Star of the Week, and the Book Fair

on March 10, 2015

We are going to spend the next few weeks practicing making inferences and predictions before and during reading. We read the book “No David” by David Shannon. During reading we made inferences on how David was feeling or why an event in the story happened. (idea from the blog The First Grade Parade:

After reading, we discussed the diffence between making an inference and making a prediction. We watched a video to learn how to make meaningful predictions when reading.

In math we learned about lines of symmetry in common shapes and real life. We explored lines of symmetry by folding shapes.

After, we practiced our symmetry skills by drawing the other side of our face. This was a tricky task, but fun!

We also visited the book fair! It was so much fun! If your first grader wants to purchase books later this week they can bring money to school. They can go during quiet time. It is also open during conferences this week.

Ashlyn also did an excellent job sharing her star of the week poster.


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