Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Tuesday and Wednesday

on September 25, 2014

In the past 2 days your student has learned how to access RAZ Kids on the iPads and Moby Max in the computer lab. Papers have been sent home with information on how to log in at home. We will use RAZ Kids for reading and Moby Max for math. There are other components to Moby Max, but I will only use the math for now at school. Feel free to explore the other parts at home. Here are some pictures of us using RAZ Kids on the iPads.



On Tuesday during our read aloud we learned the difference between fiction and nonfiction. We compared two different books about fall and listed the reasons why one was fiction and why another is nonfiction.

Today during our read aloud we worked in small groups to retell the story “The Tiny Seed.” We had to sketch or write what happened first, next, then, or finally.


In Writer’s Workshop we learned what we can do if we get stuck on a tricky word. Look at our chart to see what we do!

In science we started learning about insects and plants. We will learn all about life cycles and living things. On Tuesday we made observations of different types of seeds.






IMG_0294.JPGfirst stages

We will make observations of mealworms and caterpillars tomorrow.


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