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Class Rules, Bucket Filling, Read to Self, and Math Stations

on September 10, 2013

On Friday of last week we created our class rules together. This was a long process. We started off with a very long list and worked together to come up with these rules:

Everyone signed the bottom to show that we will do our best to follow our rules so everyone’s hopes and dreams come true.

Today we read the book “How Full is Your Bucket” and discussed ways we can fill each other’s bucket by following our rules and doing kind things. Your first grader should have brought home his or her own little book all about being a bucket filler.

Last week each of us created a king or queen shield with information all about us. Starting today, 2 people are going to share his or her shield during morning meeting. Today Skyi shared. He did an awesome job!

During Daily 5 we are working on building our stamina for read to self. Look at our improvement!
I was able to start assessing first graders today on their reading skills. After we have built our stamina to 20 minutes and I finished assessing, I will start pulling small guided reading groups.

Finally, we had our first day of math stations today. We have 4 stations. One with me, one with one of our ESPs, (Mrs. B or Mrs. W), a math reading and writing station, and an independent station. The first graders did an awesome job for their first day. Proud teacher!

I am off to bed early tonight as I caught an icky cold. I hope it is better soon! Take care and have a wonderful night!


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