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Rice Lake Elementary

Day 2 = Success!

on September 5, 2013

Today was a great day in B3! We started our day by learning what it means to be a Rice Lake Roadrunner with Mr. French, Mr. Rice, and Mrs. Paton. They taught us how to show RLR or Respect, Learning, and Responsibility in the hallway, in the bathroom, and in the cafeteria. It was nice to be able to hear these important rules from other adults at Rice Lake.

After learning all about RLR, we had our second morning meeting. We greeted each other with a pinkie wave, shared our favorite food, and sang the song “5 Little Monkeys.” We also read our chart and went over our schedule for the day.

This morning we also learned about our first part of Daily 5, Read to Self. We read the book “Rocket Learns to Read.” After reading we discussed why we read. I also taught the expectations for Read to Self. Tomorrow we will practice reading to self with books from our book boxes. I am excited to begin!
In Writer’s Workshop we added more ideas of what good writers do. We learned that writers often share their ideas with others. We practiced sharing our ideas by doing “Think, Pair, Share.” We practiced thinking of a memory, pairing up with a partner to discuss our idea, and then sharing out with the whole class.
In math we did a number writing assessment. This was great practice in not only writing our numbers, but also taking assessments in first grade, and putting forth our best effort. If the first graders tried their best they could play with the “I Did My Best” playdough until the rest of the class finished. We have some hard workers in B3!
After our number writing assessment, we discussed the difference between a math tool and a toy. We talked about the different ways we will use math tools this year to help us learn.
IMG_4113 (This activity is from:
Finally, we ended our day by reading the book “A Quiet Place” by Douglass Wood.
After reading, we learned that we have a quiet place in our room. A place we can go to calm down and help us make good choices. Sometimes I will send a child to our quiet place (or take-a-break spot) or other times a student may go there by themselves. We will use our quiet place as a way to stop and think about our behavior so we can do our best learning. After we practiced using the quiet or take-a-break place we used our water colors to paint a picture of a place we could imagine in our brains if we need to calm down.

At some point this week all students in B3 will use the quiet place either to practice taking a break, or to really take a break in order to make good choices.

Have a wonderful night! I am looking forward to Day 3! Please return your child’s empty Wednesday envelope tomorrow. Any papers that need to come to me should be placed in the red take home folder. I will be looking through the pink information sheets and listening conference sheets tonight. A paper should come home either Thursday or Friday with your listening conference time and day.


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