Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Busy Day!

on February 6, 2013

We are in charge of reading the pledge this week on RLTV. Today Jonny, Quinnlyn, and Griffin read the pledge. They are famous and did a fantastic job!

During our read aloud we learned that good readers make mental pictures or visualize during reading.

We read the book A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon. During reading we did not look at the pictures. We had to visualize what we thought Camilla looked like in 4 different parts of the story.


We had 2 student readers today. Quinnlyn and Bella both did a fantastic job!


In math we put our data collecting skills to the test. We had to create a survey question with 4 possible answers.


After creating our survey we interviewed our classmates to collect data.





Tomorrow we will create a graph using our data.

In science we learned all about our sense of sight. We learned out the parts of the eye and what each part does. We also discussed what people do if they do not have the sense of sight. We got to feel some math homework written in Braille.
It was a busy and productive day!


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