Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Today we…

on October 11, 2012

Today we…

  • Made text-to-self connections while reading the book Julius: The Baby of the World.  The first graders are getting so good at making text-to-self connections!
  • We had a lesson from Mrs. Paton. She taught us the importance of being assertive.  When we are assertive we ask for help while using eye contact and we explain with our words what we need help with.
  • We learned how to play a game in math called number quilt.  It was a great way to practice our addition facts.  We also finished our math stations for this week.  We played coin bingo, problem solved with Ms. Robyn, worked in our math journals with Mrs. Rodriguez, or worked independently on a 100 grid coloring code.
  • In social studies we learned about buying and saving.  We learned about the concept of trading.

Have a good night and see you all in the morning.  Remember, no school on Friday!  If you would like to order a bag lunch from the cafeteria for our field trip on Tuesday please return the blue slip that was sent home today.


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