Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Monday’s Highlights

on September 18, 2012

Here are a few highlights from today…

  • We learned what it means to be a fluent reader today. Fluent readers read with accuracy and expression.  We learned that fluent readers also sound like an actor or actress when reading, not like a robot.  We learned that one way to become a fluent reader was to be a voracious reader.  We read the book But Excuse Me That’s My Book.

In this book Lola is a very voracious reader, which means she reads many books ALL the time.

  • We learned our new spelling words.  This week we are also working on the short a sound.  Remember we do not spend a lot of time in class practicing the actual spelling words.  We work on the word families like the -am word family and the -ad word family.
  • We practiced finding mistakes in sentences.  We learned that all sentences  need a period, and ending mark, and must be a complete thought.
  • We read to self for 19 minutes during Daily 5! Very impressive!  Ms. Robyn and I were able to complete a lot of reading assessments today.  My goal is to have guided reading groups up and running by no later than the first week of October, but with the way the students are working so independently, we might be able to start them next week!
  • In math we learned about the partners of 6 and added the word “5-group” to our math word wall.  We also had 1 round of math stations.  Our math stations this week for math workshop are a shape hunt, a partner game called Race to 20, math journals, and pattern block puzzles.
  • We started to learn about bus safety today.

I am working on an email for volunteer times, so look for that to be coming sometime this week. My goal was to send it out this weekend, but a sick Mia didn’t allow for too much extra school work.  Thanks for understanding.  Thank you for all the people who returned the volunteer application sheet that was in last week’s Wednesday’s envelope.  If you want to volunteer that sheet needs to be filled out.  Let me know if you misplaced it and need another copy.  Have a wonderful night and here’s to another awesome week ahead of us!



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