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Hopes and Dreams, Rule Making, Math Workshop, and Painting

on September 7, 2012

One of the main things we did today was create a hope and dream or a goal for the year.  Before making a hope and dream we read the book Amazing Grace.  In this book Grace had a dream of playing Peter Pan in a play.  Even though people said she could not do it, she tried her best and worked hard and her dream came true.  The first graders wrote down one goal or hope and dream they had for the year.  They had great ideas ranging from being a better reader to making new friends.  Parents will make a hope and dream at our listening conferences (a pink paper went home about this today).  We tie our hopes and dreams into our classroom rules.  We started this process today.  We learned that the reasons we have rules is so our hopes and dreams come true.

In reading today we read to self for 5 minutes!  I was so impressed!  Here are our charts to help us remember what to do when we read to self.

Before we read to self Ms. Robyn read us a book called Rocket Learns to Read.  This book reminded the importance of becoming a better reader.


In math today we are beginning to lay the foundation for math workshop.  During math workshop the students will be working on independent tasks while I work with small math groups.  We learned a “math with self” activity called “Roll and Cover”  Here are some pictures of our mathematicians hard at work.


Here is a picture of our Math Workshop board.  We had to make a “math with self” choice today.

Finally, we made watercolor paintings of our quiet place.  These first graders love to paint!


Have a good night and remember to turn in your listening conference sheet tomorrow.  I am available to do listening conferences over the phone or even over email if you prefer.  Thanks so much for all you do.  Can you believe it is already Friday tomorrow?!





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