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Sunflower Supreme

on May 24, 2012

We had a visit from the arboretum today and it was AWESOME!  Chris, from the arboretum taught us so much today.  We learned about the life cycle of the sunflower, the parts of a sunflower, the needs of a sunflower, and more!  We got to touch sunflowers in order to get a hands-on learning experience.  W learned that there are many different types of sunflowers.  The mammoth sunflower can grow to be 12 feet tall!  We even got to plant a sunflower.  The sunflower we planted is called the Teddy Bear sunflower.  Chris also gave us some seeds to plant our own mammoth sunflower.  Here are some pictures from today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, due to the rainy weather forecasted for tonight and tomorrow, Super Kid’s Day is canceled for tomorrow.  We will have Super Kid’s Day on Tuesday instead.

One last thing, I can not remember if I sent home a pink invitation in the red folders on Monday inviting everyone to our Poetry Celebration.  Can one of you wonderful parents let me know if it came home on Monday? If it did not, I will send another home soon.  Thanks so much! 🙂


2 responses to “Sunflower Supreme

  1. Jenny says:

    An invitation to a June 6th poetry presentation already came home. We are looking forward to it.

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