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Non-fiction Writing, Double-Digit Addition, and Experiments… Oh My!

on April 13, 2012

Today was a busy day.  Here are the highlights:

  • We each have a topic for our “All-About” books.  During Writer’s Workshop today we had to think of as many questions as we could that we could answer in our All-About books.  Some of us are writing about animals, some about planets, some about cars.  Each first grader picked 1 non-fiction topic that they will research and write about.  I was very impressed with the quality of questions that the first graders developed today.  Beginning next week, each first grader will use one book from me (I took them from our classroom library or the media  center) to being their research.  Many of the first graders told me that they had books about their topic at home.  I told them they could bring these books to school under the understanding that they will have to stay at school for a while during our research.  They do not have to bring in books, but many were excited and want to. 🙂  Writing our books is a process.  My goal is not that each first grader develops perfect book, but rather that they learn the writing process when doing “research” projects or papers.
  • In math today we started to learn how to do double-digit addition.  I explained that we are going to learn 4 different ways to do double-digit addition and after they show me they can do each way, each first grader can pick their favorite way to solve these equations.  Today we learned how to draw double-digit equations with 10-sticks and circles.  We focused on drawing each number and ringing the new group of 10.  Each first grader should have brought home a math family letter explaining the 4 ways we will learn to do double-digit addition.
  • In science we experimented with both liquids and solids.  We explored the concept of floating and sinking.  Here are some pictures of our science learning today.



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