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Illustrator Visit and More!!

on February 23, 2012

In honor of “I Love to Read” month we had the opportunity to hear a real-life illustrator speak! Michelle Holcomb, RL parent and published illustrator spoke to us today about he she illustrates her books.  She also taught us how to draw.  Thank you so much Michelle Holcomb for teaching us today!  I think you inspired some first graders as I noticed many practice their drawings later in the day.

Mrs. Erickson is introducing us to illustrator Michelle Holcomb

Look at all those first graders!

We got to use real artist tools like chalk and charcoal.

Michelle is teaching us how to draw things by starting with simple shapes.

Practice makes perfect!

Paying close attention.

She taught us how to make a cartoon version of Abe Lincoln.

Looking good!

Besides having a very cool guest speaker, we also learned more about George Washington.  The first graders had to decided if they were going to write about Washington or Lincoln.  They picked 1 president and wrote 2 or more facts about him.  After, we created an art project to go with our writing.  They are hanging in the hallway by our classroom.

We finished the Unit 6 math test today, but did not have time to learn about rotating patterns (it was in the homework for today).  We will learn about them tomorrow.

Madison was our student reader today.  She did an awesome job!

Mr. Stevens will be our guest teacher tomorrow.  I know the kids will do a great job for him!  Have a good night!


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