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Rice Lake Elementary

Monday’s… I mean Tuesday’s News!

on January 18, 2012

Is it just me, or did everyone think it was a Monday today!  Good thing for  me I had 26 first graders to remind me what day it was!  Here are some of the highlights from today:

  • We read a biography about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We learned that a biography is a true story about a person’s life.  We learned that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did many great things that helped make the world a better place.  Tomorrow we are going to write about what we can do to make the world a better place.
  • We learned our new spelling words.  They are tricky this week because they focus on 2 different sounds /qu/ like quiz and /wh/ like when.  Because of the short week make sure you set aside some extra time to practice these words.
  • We practiced finding 100-partners in math.  We also worked on finding how many more cents we need to make a dollar.  For example, if I had 40 cents, we know that I need 60 more cents to make a dollar.  We found finding the similar 10-partner is a good way to find 100-partners.  For example, if 2+8=100 then 20+80=100.
  • We made a model of the heart and lungs in science today. I wish I would have taken some pictures!  Oh well!  We reviewed how the heart and lungs work together.  Look for a take-h0me project later this week when we learned about the stomach and digestive system. (You will see why I only model this in class and allow you parents the fun of creating the project in the safety of your own home.  I can’t keep all the fun to myself can I?! 🙂 )

Media is tomorrow!  Remember those books!  Have a wonderful night!


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