Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Eric Carle Art Projects

on January 10, 2012

To finish our author study of Eric Carle we made pictures using a technique similar to the one he uses to illustrate his books.

First we had to create pretty paper. Pretty paper factory now in business!

This is group is using watercolors to make pretty paper.

We can also use chalk to make pretty paper.

Pretty paper using tempura paint

This group is using markers.

Finally, crayons and colored pencils to make pretty paper. What hard workers!

Eric Carle makes sure his pretty paper uses more than one color and is interesting to look at.

Wow! So much pretty paper!

The next day each first grader had to decide if they wanted to make a caterpillar or butterfly. First, we had to cut out each body part. Good concentration Andy!

Then, we had to trace each body part onto a piece of pretty paper.

Then, we had to cut the piece out of the pretty paper.

Nice teamwork Cayden and Ta'Zhane!

We had to carefully set each body part on our white paper.

Madison is working on another part of her caterpillar.

The body of the butterfly is done!

Cutting and gluing done, now to make the details and the background!

How nice! Project is done complete with a back ground and a signature!

Here is an example of a caterpillar. Way to go first graders!


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