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Today’s highlights!

on November 30, 2011

This week we are learning that one way to understand a non-fiction story is to find or identify the main idea and details of the story.  We learned that the main idea is what the story is all about and details are facts that support the main idea.  Yesterday, we practiced finding the main idea and details in a non-fiction text about our sense of touch.  Today, we found the main idea and details  in a non-fiction story about frogs.

Here is the graphic organizer we completed together to help us understand the story "Where Do Frogs Come From?"

After we read the story, Sloane was kind enough to bring her pet toads into class so we could compare what we read about frogs to real live toads!  We noticed that a toad’s skin is more bumpy than the frogs we read about.

Here is one of the toads.

We even got to see the toads eat a meal worm! So cool! Thank you Sloane!

In Writer’s Workshop today we learned how we can make our writing more interesting by adding internal details.  We learned that external details are details that describe the actions we do and what we can observe with our 5 senses.  Internal details describe our feeling, thoughts, and emotions.  We are going to work on adding internal details so the reader know what we are thinking and feeling.

In math today we focused on teen numbers.  We learned that inside every teen number is a group of ten.  We will be learning about the importance of groups of ten in math.

Yesterday, we learned about our sense of touch in science.  Today, we spent some time reviewing different touch words like rough, smooth, cold, and hot.

Have a great night!


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