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Rice Lake Elementary

Thursday and Friday’s Events

on November 19, 2011

During math on Thursday we made a math choice.  We could either choose a math with self or math with someone activity.  During this time I am able to work with small groups to help each child meet their math goals.  The activities give us a chance to practice our math skills.  Here are some of the math choices we could pick from on Thursday.

Christopher is writing to 1000!

Cole is playing "Roll A Turkey!" For each number he rolls he can add a body part to the turkey. He is keeping track of how many times he has to roll in order to finish the turkey.

Daniel and Dawson are playing "The Bump." They have to quickly add their dice in order to take over each island.

We had a great time learning about primary and secondary colors this week in art switch.  On Thursday we had art in B3.  We created a design using only primary colors.


Ruby and Cole


On Friday morning we had VERY exciting news.  When listening to RLTV we learned that our class won the bingo!  We got 5 in a row!  We won suckers that we enjoyed with a movie at the end of the day.

Madison’s mom was our Mystery Reader today!  She read a fun book about being late to school. The students really enjoyed it and Madison was very surprised.  Thank you Madison’s mom!  You did a great job!


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