Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

on November 9, 2011

Today we learned how to read non-fiction.  We learned that a lot of non-fiction books have a table of contents.  We can use the table of contents to help find the information we are looking for.  We also learned that the index can help us find the pages that has information we are looking for.  We read 2 non-fiction books about our sense of taste.  We used the table of contents and the index to help us learn more about the 4 types of taste and also about our taste buds.

In math we learned all about math mountains.  We can use math mountains to solve problems that have missing totals or partners.  The total always goes on top of the math mountain.  The partners go on the bottom.  Your first grader should have brought home a sheet that explains math mountains in more detail.

In science we explored our sense of taste.  Each taste had a mystery bag and we had to guess what was in each bag.  We learned that not all tastes are ones we like, especially bitter!

We learned that some foods, like potato chips are salty.

Some foods like unsweetened chocolate are bitter. I love the faces the first graders make when eating the bitter chocolate.

Don't worry, we followed the bitter chocolate up with a sweet wafer cookie. Many of us like to taste sweet things.

Ta'Zhane thought the sweet cookie tasted much better than the bitter chocolate.

Our last taste was sour. The kids were excited to taste the sour patch kids.

After tasting, we observed that depending on where we put the candy on our tongue, it tasted more or less sour. Great observation!


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