Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Today’s Highlights

on November 4, 2011

Yesterday we had our first guest teacher in the morning.  It was Mrs. Mattson!  She said that she was very impressed with how independently the first graders worked during Daily 5! 

Today we were very busy learners.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • We made text to text connections today during our read aloud.  We make text to text connections when we find things that are the same between books.  We made text to text connections between the books The Perfect Nest and Dan’s Pet.  We also identifed “non-connections” or ways that the books were different.
  • We added a new poem to our poetry journals.  It was called Ten Fluffy Chickens.  Poetry is a great way to improve reading fluency.  It allows us to practice reading with expression and pacing.
  • We learned who our writing partners are for Writer’s Workshop.  We will work with our writing partners tomorrow.
  • We took the Unit 2 math test today.  I am working on having a couple more kids finish before I correct and return the test.
  • We started our science unit on The Five Senses.  We did an introductory lesson today. We are excited to learn more about our 5 senses.

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