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Rice Lake Elementary

So Far This Week…

on October 5, 2011

So far this week we have been very busy.  Here are a couple of highlights:

  • We have been using the SMART board in our classroom.  It is an interactive whiteboard that allows us to move and write things that I project onto it.  Very cool!  Here is Sloane using the SMART board to finish a pattern while reviewing for the math test on Monday.
  • We are learning all about -ick and -ack words.  Today we learned a new accuracy reading strategy called “Chunky Monkey.”  If we come to a word we can’t read, we can look for word chunks we know (like -ick or -ack) to help us sound out the word.
  • We are learning about needs and wants in social studies.  Today we used the smart board to sort needs into 3 different categories: shelter, food, and clothing.
  • We took the Unit 1 Math test on Monday.  I am still working on correcting all of them!
A couple other things:
  • Permission slips and money were due today for the field trip.  I sent home extras with students who still needed them.  We had a lot of parents interested to be chaperones.  All of you are welcome to come with us, however only 2 are able to ride the bus.  I was meaning to send out emails tonight, but of course I left the slips at school.  Look for an email tomorrow about who the “lucky” parents are that get to ride the bus with us. Even if you are not riding the bus, please let me know if you plan on following us in your car so I know how many to expect.  If anyone would prefer riding in their car rather than the bus, send me an email.
  • Conference slips come home tomorrow.  Please let me know ASAP if your time does not work.  All the teachers meet to make sure siblings have their conferences on the same night.  If we made a mistake (which happens with 25 conferences to schedule) let me know.  I also tried to give everyone their first choice, however October 11th was a very popular pick!  I did have to give some families their second pick.  Thank you for being flexible.  I hope to have perfect attendance for conferences this year! 🙂

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