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Safety and Drill Week

on September 29, 2011

Last week we learned all about being safe on the school bus.  This week we are learning to be safe in and out of school. We are also taking time to practice different drills.  We had 2 fire drills today and the first graders of B3 did a GREAT job!

Grace’s dad, Mr. Carlson also came today to talk to us about safety.  He is a police officer for the city of Blaine.  He talked about keeping safe not only on the bus but also with each letter in the word safety.

S= Seat belts (always wear a seatbelt!)

A= Animals (be safe around animals, do not approach animals you do not know)

F = Friends (find an adult friend like a teacher or police officer if you are in danger)

E = Emergency (call 911)

T = Traffic (be safe in and around traffic)

Y = You (you are the best person to keep yourself safe)

Here are some pictures.  Thank you so much Mr. Carlson.  We learned a lot and we also really enjoyed the coloring book, badge, and pencil.  Thanks again!


Grace made a great helper!

Checking out his police car. It is an undercover car! How cool!

Because we were such good listeners we got to go inside the car! Thanks again Mr. Carlson! We will do our best to remember all the ways to keep safe!


2 responses to “Safety and Drill Week

  1. I love how “F = Friends” — (find an adult friend like a teacher or police officer if you are in danger) — such a great change from the days of only talking about strangers as a danger. And so cool of Officer Carlson to come and talk to the kids! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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