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Today’s Highlights!

on September 7, 2011

The second day of first grade was great!  Here are some highlights in case your first grader is too tired to tell you about all the exciting things we did.

  • We greeted each other in morning meeting with a micro-wave.  We shared about our favorite animals, and sang “5 Little Monkeys.” 
  • We read about a very silly school in the book The First Day of Grade School.  We compared how the school was alike and different from Rice Lake.  See if your first grader can tell you about the crazy animals in the book!
  • We started our Daily 5. (For more information about Daily 5 refer the the Classroom Info link on the classsroom homepage).  The first graders are working 3 different ways to read a book, read the words, read the pictures, and retell the story.
  • We practiced number writing in math.  Number writing is a great asssessment for me to see how the first graders form and understand numbers.
  • We talked about our “Quiet Place” in our classroom.  We will use our quiet place to take a break so we can refocus and learn.  We read the book The Quiet Place by Douglass Wood.  It helped us think about places we can go in our mind so we can stay calm and make good choices.  We talked about the take a break in B3 as a place we can go to refocus so we can make good decisions.  I may ask a student to take a break, or they may go themselves.  It is not a negative place.  We also talked about how after we take a break we will be ready to learn.  Everyone will take a break at some point this week so we can practice and learn how to do it the right way.

Thank you for turning in the pink listening conference forms.  Please make sure to complete the pink form in the take home folders today.  Homework for first graders will start next week, but make sure your first grader is reading every night for at least 10-15 minutes.


2 responses to “Today’s Highlights!

  1. Jessie (Madison's mom) says:

    I think that is such a great idea to have “the quiet place”. Madison has already used on the bus. (Which is a place that she does not really enjoy at all) She said she thought of her quiet place to help her trip on the bus go by faster!
    Thank you Mrs. Rodriquez!

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