Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Fun Day!

on May 25, 2011

We had a fun day full of learning.  We started the day out with a visit from Christine from the U of M arboretum. We learned all about sunflowers including information about their life cycles.

Christine explained that each part of the sunflower, from the roots to the petals, has an important job.

Sunflower's "heads" follow the sun.

We practiced following the sun just like sunflowers.

Look how big this sunflower head is that Ella is holding!

Scientists are very careful when making observations. Way to go Steve!

We even got to feel where the seeds are!

Scientists use their sense of smell to make observations. What does it smell like Ellen?

Zoe, that sunflower head is almost as big as you!

Some sunflowers can be very small like the one that Anna is holding.

We planted "Teddy Bear" sunflowers. Nice work Reiken!

Planting flowers is fun!

In math we learned about ways to add or subtract equations with more than 2 partners.  Yesterday in Writer’s Workshop we started to learn about poetry.  We learned that both scientists and poets use their senses to describe the world around them.

Mrs. Paton came to teach us a lesson about self-control and give us some ideas of things we can do if we fell like blurting out or interrupting.

Finally, we let our butterflies free!

Good bye butterflies!

Steve got to hold the butterfly!

Mackenzie was so careful taking the butterfly out from its cage.


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