Mrs. Rodriguez's First Grade Class Blog

Rice Lake Elementary

Writer’s Workshop and More!

on April 5, 2011

We completed our “How-To” books in Writer’s Workshop.  If you have time, check out our display in the hall.  They are very informational and detailed.

Our next step is to write a non-fiction “All About” book.   It can be all about dogs, apples, dolphins, or any non-fiction topic of the first grader’s choice.  We are going to spend time researching (yes, I did say researching) about our topic.  We are then going to create our own book about the topic.  We discussed in class today that if your child has a non-fiction book at home that they would like to bring to school for this project they can.  Just know, that the book will have to stay at school for a week or so. 

Besides becoming better writers, we are also learning about things in math.  Yesterday we learned all about pie or circle graphs.  We even created a survey and then went to the computer lab to create our own pie or circle graph.  We then brought them back to the classrooom to analyze the results.  Take a peek below!


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