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We are learning about…

on March 2, 2011

It’s only Tuesday, but we have been hard at work and have learned so much the past 2 days!  We have spent time during reading and social studies learning about maps, globes, and landforms.  We read a story today entitled Me on the Map. After reading we checked our comprehension of the story by finding the main idea and details.  We learned that the main idea of the story was that there are many different types of maps of many different places.  Later this afternoon, we learned more about landforms.  Thank you to Zoe, Steve, Caleb H., and Ellen who brought in pictures of different landforms.  To show that we know what the different landforms are we had to create them out of play-dough.  Take a look!

Caleb B. showing a plain. Notice that it is flat!

Mackenzie G. and her valley. See the 2 mountains on either side!

Reece and Mercedes can both know what a valley looks like.

Nice mountains Ellen, Jennifer, and Abi!

Zoe and Will make deserts. They have sand dunes and desert plants. Nice work!


Anna made a plateau. She made sure to make it have a flat top, just like a table.

Ella also made an excellent plateau.



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