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Interesting Article About Homework

on January 19, 2011

I ran across this article while browsing a professional blog from the Responsive Classroom.  It got me thinking about our first graders and homework.  I hope the homework I send home is brief, relevant, relaxed, independent, and by keeping the reading open-ended provides some choice.  Let me know if you think the same!  I am always open to hearing what is or is not working at home!  Mia is not old enough for homework so I am not sure what that is like for parents! 🙂 Take a peek at the article:

I hope the day went ok with Mrs. V today.  I will return tomorrow afternoon.  I was working today on a committee that was reviewing a draft of the new report cards that are to be used starting next year.  It was a very interesting day, but one that makes me excited and motivated to keep the first graders of B3 engaged and learning in order to meet standards in all subject areas.  Take care and good night!




2 responses to “Interesting Article About Homework

  1. Rebecca Swartz says:

    I think the Homework is just great. Ella can do it by herself and then we check it. For reading, she can pick her poison and then likes to read that much more. All is well! Thank you!

  2. Amy McVay says:

    I love the way the homework is done. With it all being due by Friday, Kenzie can choose to do one page at a time(even though you know she does it all at once 🙂 ) or maybe a couple which works great cause we may have some nights that have a lot going on and not having to worry about getting homework done helps a lot.

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