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I keep forgetting to bring my school iPad home and that is what I use to post the pictures I take during the day. I will make some updated blog posts as soon as I remember to bring my iPad home with me! 😳

Fundraising information came home today.

If your child has MN Twin gear wear it tomorrow as we will have a visit from TC Bear.

Have a good evening!

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Believe it or not, conferences begin next week! I notice many of you are not yet signed up for conferences. Please use the link below to sign up!

Because conferences are so early in the year, this conference will be a goal setting and listening conference. I will share some beginning of the year assessments, but a majority of the time will be spent talking about your child, discussing strengths, areas for improvement, and setting goals for first grade. I will post a list of talking points sometime this week so you have time to think about things before your conference time.

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All School Photo

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Sock Day

We earned another class reward! Monday will be sock day. Students will be allowed to take their shoes off and wear socks in our classroom on Monday.

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Bus Safety

We created a digital project in SeeSaw to show what we know about bus safety. It was our first project and students could choose to draw, write, and even record their voice about one or more bus safety rule.

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Writer’s Workshop

We are still in the planning stage of our first story. The first graders made a big list of topics they could write about. Then, we ranked our topics. We picked our favorite to write about. We are using a circle map to record ALL the details about our topic so we don’t forget anything. Next week we will plan the beginning, middle, and end of our story.

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Read to Someone

This week we learned how to read to someone during Daily 5.

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Busy Days

Monday and Tuesday were busy and productive days in B5. In Number Corner we celebrated the 10 day of school. Every decade day we will add to our growing number line and practice working with the decade number.

In math we have been using number racks to help us visualize and deeply understand the numbers 1-20. Today we used the number racks to show the number 10 in many ways. We used the top row and bottom row of our number racks.

We also really enjoy workplaces during math. Workplaces allow us time to choose math activities. It also allows me to meet with individual students or groups during math.

Our read aloud time every day focuses on a reading strategy. This week we are learning about fiction books. We learned that fiction books have characters. Today we learned that fiction books can be realistic or fantasy.

We learned the third component of Daily 5. It is work on words. During this time students practice becoming better spellers. This week we are reviewing words with the short /i/ sound. Each week we will learn more ways to practice becoming better spellers. This week we could sort our words or do rainbow spelling.

In art we are completing our me projects. I love this picture because it shows the students working happily.

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Volunteer Sign Up

Here are just a couple days to volunteer in B5 for September. I will have more days/times for October.  Please note, a current volunteer application MUST be on file before you come and volunteer.  The form can be found on the Rice Lake web page. Click the link below to be directed to the sign up.


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